Untitled Goose Game at PS4, Xbox One: Rumors Untitled Goose Game indie hit developed by House House is going to conquer PS4 and Xbox One game consoles.  After the unexpected breakthrough of this game on Switch, the company does not plan to stop. The exact release dates of UGG on the new consoles are not known. Not a bad job, considering it's just the second game from House House.  And a litte gift from PieDie Continue Reading Latest Version History of Untitled Goose Game Here I decided to describe the report of latest changes from the game developers. If you want to be aware of the latest versions of the game, you are welcome! 1.0.7 - Current Fixed a cosmetic issue affecting the Chinese serif font. 1.0.6 Made loading of save game files more robust (Thanks, Denis!) Made the goose only load at areas that have been properly unlocked. Fixed a case where the Groundskeeper couldn’t decide which hat to wear. Made catching items thrown over the fence register more reliably. Fixed an issue that affected the crossing out of the shopping list in French. 1.0.5 Fixed some localization mistakes. Added a setting to change the font of the settings menu. Added a setting to have the camera only follow the goose, for people who experience motion sickness. Fixed a crash that could happen when completing certain goals after completing the entire to-do list. Added a message to the loading screen which explains that the game autosaves. Added a message to the rebind menu that explains how to find the in-game controls screen. Made the TV shop phone loud enough that it can be heard when the TV Shop Owner is on bell patrol. Fixed a problem where new items wouldn’t be placed on the bust. Added this version history file to the build. Continue Reading