About Us

Untitled Goose Game logoWe are the little group of enthusiasts and true fans of Untitled Goose Game. When we say “we” we mean me and my wife Helen. My name is Anthony, by the way! We are super excited about this game. When we played Untitled Goose Game the first time, we realized that it is one of the most fun and adorable games of our time.

In daily life, we both work in the IT industry, helping people to improve their lives with our apps. We love our jobs, despite what Helen says to her besties. But we can’t wait to leave it every day to come home and play Untitled Goose Game. I myself grew up at the farm and had a similar naughty goose called Ace. So, for me, the game is also nostalgic.

We hope the information we will share on this website will be useful to you. We want to help other fans like us and perhaps create a friendly community here. Enough words, let’s all play Untitled Goose Game!